The department of Animal Science of University of Thessaly was founded on 2019 in Gaiopolis, Larisa, Greece. Its aim is to cover the educational and research needs of Animal Science in Greece and more specifically in Thessaly.


goals and mission

The goals and mission of the Department are the training of scientists who:


scientific field

The scientific field of the Department is the development and application of modern methods of physiology, nutrition, genetic improvement, reproduction of farm animals, as well as the production of high quality food of animal origin. The Department provides students the opportunity to acquire and apply knowledge about farm animal husbandry and the environment, feed technology, biotechnology applications, the organization and management of integrated animal production systems, as well as the provision of high quality livestock products, by taking into account animal welfare.

In addition, with the research activity and the academic teaching, the Department aims in the promotion of agricultural science and profession and in the solution of problems related to the science of animal production.

Sheep Farm

curriculum of the Department

The curriculum of the Department is a modern, innovative and competitive undergraduate curriculum, which provides its graduates with the required academic education and specialized knowledge to meet the needs of employment as an animal production agronomist. The undergraduate program of the Department is a 5-year program that includes theoretical and practical training. The curriculum includes internships and the elaboration of a diploma research study. The curriculum includes compulsory courses and elective courses, so that students have the opportunity to cultivate their particular interests during their studies.

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